"Providing Quality Security Service That Surpasses Industry Norms"

Our team of motivated and experienced investigators have various backgrounds in law enforcement, collections, accounting, and other professional fields that add to our ability to deliver results to our clients in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

We offer:
▪ Employee Background Checks
▪ Employment Termination
▪ Corporate Espionage/Counter Intelligence
▪ Electronic Debugging
▪ Employmee Drug Testing
▪ Survelliance
▪ BodyGuard & Personal Protection
▪ Interviews-Statements
▪ Process Service
▪ Criminal Investigations
▪ Workers Compensation Claims
▪ Fraud/Internal Theft
▪ Missing Persons/Locates
▪ Maritime Security Services

Information Services

Our researchers are trained and experienced with delivering accurate and hard to find information when you need it. Services include, but are not limited to:
▪ Business Credit
▪ Professional Licenses
▪ Criminal Records
▪ Vehicle/Vessel/Aircraft Ownership
▪ Corporate Filings & Ownership
▪ Civil Records

Verification Services

When information is crucial to making a decision it needs to be accurate and available to you! Our researchers can provide you accurate and solid information at reasonable rates:
▪ Name & Address
▪ Employer
▪ Education/Credentials
▪ Professional Licenses
▪ Reference
▪ Financial/Asset

Our services are excellent for your Human Resources Department or if you are considering a partner. Perhaps you are extending credit to a new or questionable company? Contact us for more information and pricing on verification services at (242) 394-0913 or at